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Filling machine ring gear replacement

Frequently during major mechanical overhauls of all types of machinery, there is a need for professional lifting services to facilitate the works by OEM's or speciality engineering contractors.

It is sometimes necessary to replace major wearing parts such as ring gears on bottle and can filling machines. Due to the wide variety of types and sizes of thes machines. We have developed a range of techniques and equipment to:

  • Lift and remove or support the filler bowl / carousel.
  • Ingress replacement bearings sometimes exceeding 3m diameter.
  • Remove worn bearing from machine
  • Install the new bearing in the machine.


We have removed existing heat exchanger coils from within chocolate moulding machines in order that new specification replacements could be installed necessary due to a change in factory wide refrigeration plant. The coils were located in many different areas of the machine, that itself was within a food manufacturing plant. We undertook the replacement of the fragile coils after careful planning in conjunction with the supply chain.

Motor replacements
Electric motors weighing several tonnes to those weighing several kilos have needed our services to lift out and lift back in once repaired or replaced entirely by new.

Compressor replacements
Various compressors,  reciprocating screw, v twin or multi cylinder have been lifted off and new ones back on to vertical and horizontal skid frames in a variety of situations, invariably with restricted access and limited headroom.


“Following your recent help in installing our major bottling line in Southwest England, I would like to extend my personal thanks and that of my teams for your outstanding professionalism and incredible support you gave us. We are already looking forward to the next job!"

Giobbe Righetti
Sidel UK Ltd